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By amy arthur

October 7, 2022

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Ranger is a registered Doberman Pinscher under Tackleberry Solutions and is specifically bred for service as a protection dog.

What Makes Ranger Special

  • Born July 25, 2022
  • Raised in a Litter of 11
  • Female
  • Black and Rust
  • Breeder: Amy Arthur

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ID # Breakdown

Ranger and her ID breakdown: H2.9Z

  • H = Mother is Hazel
  • 2 = Hazel's 2nd Litter
  • 9 = Puppy Number
  • Z = Father is Zeus

Press Play - Hazel


Ranger took her test at 7 weeks old. She scored did well on both her test and her social outing assessment. She generally exhibits confidence and curiosity when presented with new experiences.

Ranger prances around the yard like she owns the place and doesn't let her size stop her from challenging everyone in her litter. Yet, you can pick her up to cuddle at any time and she'll sweetly stay in your arms. Add in the fact that she always looks like she's smiling and you can see why Ranger has got me wrapped around her finger.

In the past, we've aligned our A type personality score with the Volhardt grading system. However, we've found that their summary of a canine that scores a 1 (or an A) does not match what we've seen of protection dogs and Doberman Pinschers in general.

 Here is what we've found: 

A canine that has an "A" type personality has little to no fear. They're confident in themselves to the point where they are not frightened by new encounters like other canines with a lower personality score would be.

Curious About New Things

As a result, when presented with a new experience, they're more likely to be curious about the object/person instead of frightened. Obviously, this will differ with each puppy/dog depending on several variations such as age of the dog, size, movement and noise level of the object or person, etc.)

Less Likely to Develop Fearful Aggression

In conjunction with that, a type "A" dog can also do excellent as a protection canine because they are less likely to develop fearful aggression.

Because of their confidence and lack of fear, they'll likely be more friendly towards strangers, so you won't have to worry as much about accidental bites or stress about taking your protection canine out in public. (Don't let this fool you however. With the right training, an A personality can easily go from friendly to protection mode on command.)


Be warned, in some cases, they may not be friendly to new people/animals. Sometimes an introduction will be necessary in order to show your canine that the visitor is not a threat. At other times, you may need to secure the canine somewhere else until the visitor has left. As always, this will vary strongly based on several factors to include their socialization level, training, etc.



Furthermore, a dog that has less fear is able to think more clearly. Making them more intelligent and quicker to pick up on commands. So much so that many canines with this personality score will have a natural "6th sense" so to speak that can aid them in judging the character/intent of another person. 

This could even include picking up on danger from many different factors to such as natural disasters like an earthquake or a fire, or from people such as an attack or ambush.

Potentially Great with Children


In fact, we've found that an "A" type canine normally does really well with children. They've shown that they can be smart enough to realize that children are vulnerable and have demonstrated more care and protection towards that member of their "pack."

Service work examples that would work well with this personality score:

  • Police Dog
  • Military Canine
  • Personal or Family Protection

Your Own Confidence is Important

Even though we've found through experience that even novice dog owners can train a dog with a type A personality score, they will have to ensure that they're willing to be consistent and willing to learn how to do so. 


This is because an A personality score will want to be the alpha. Also, their high intelligence level will give them the need for regular exercise and play. Otherwise, they could develop bad behavior as an expression of their boredom or dominance.

They'll Want to Be the top Dog

If you have other dogs in the home, be sure that they are not also scored as an A since both Alpha personalities could cause them to clash. However, a ton of early socialization will help smooth this over.

In summary, you can be confident that your dog is going love working and give it's job everything that it has got. An A type personality is the type of canine that would die for you in the battlefield if it had to.

I purchased a Service/Protection. "Ranger" is doing great and adapting to life in Montana. With Amy's assistance I was able to fly home with Ranger on a commercial aircraft and she was stellar, she slept most of the time on two different flights and interacted well with the other people on our flights.

Definitely, this is the first time that I have gotten a Doberman Pinscher from a professional breeder, my family has had 6 Dobie's in our family, versus from a backyard breeder. Amy was such a great resource and very knowledgeable regarding Ranger's personality and training. She has answered ALL my phone calls and emails promptly and offers her assistance any time day or night.

When I drove out to pickup Ranger, I got to see where all the puppies were playing and living and it was obvious to me that they were all very well cared for and were happy pups. I look forward to having a long relationship with Amy in the care of my little girl Ranger.


The Parents of: Ranger


Tackleberry Solution's Protection Canine: Hazel

This is Hazel. She was the mother dog of our very first litter. She has a gentle, yet defensive temperament. She is very loving, she also is smart and not afraid to protect her family. She is also a very good judge of friend from foe. We are not afraid to have her out when friends come over to visit. You can learn more about Hazel by going to her page here.

Tackleberry Solution's Protection Canine: Zeus

Zeus is a 100% European purebred Doberman Pinscher. He is very loving and enjoys playing. While Zeus is protective of his family, he is also very friendly to visitors and does very well with children. Click here to view his personal page.

More Pictures of Ranger


Ranger's Siblings







Personal Protection Bite and Tracking Tackleberry Dobermans

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