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December 15, 2022

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Jinx is a registered Doberman Pinscher under Tackleberry Solutions and is specifically bred as a service or protection dog.

What Makes Jinx Special

  • Born October 24, 2022
  • Raised in a Litter of 11
  • Female
  • Black and Rust
  • Breeder: Amy Arthur

Jinx's mother, Patricia

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ID # Breakdown

Jinx and her ID breakdown: P1.1Z

  • P = Mother is Patricia
  • 1 = Patricia's 1st Litter
  • 1 = Puppy Number
  • Z = Father is Zeus

Click here to view more pictures of Jinx

Press Play - Jinx

Welcome to Jinx's personal profile page. This page will stay with Jinx for as long as Tackleberry Solutions' exists and can be used to keep track of her bloodline and/or feature her personality/accomplishments. Simply send us the information and we will update her page as she grows. This includes profile pictures, accomplishments, personality, videos and more. 

Now you can show off your superstar with their own page!


Jinx took her test on 12/13/2022. Ultimately, she was graded a C. Here are the observer's notes on the test:

  • Showed curiosity, quicker to play
  • More confidence, acclimated to new environment quickly
  • At the first entry in the testing site, puppy was curious and outgoing. Was one of the first puppies to recover from being somewhere new. However, she got tired at the beginning of the test and fell asleep. 
  • As a final conclusion, based off of her overall behavior when she was awake, and how quickly she warmed up to the new environment, I think some consideration should be given to the fact that she was a little bit sleepy during the test. As a result, I’m averaging her current personality score at a C. However, I think she more closely fits a B. Only time will tell how her personality continues to develop which side she’s going to lean towards.

More about a C Type Personality Score

A canine that is a C is the best personality for a family who is looking to keep their children safe. A dog that scores a C is likely to be very loving, patient and protective when needed.

Type of service work recommended for this personality score:

  • Personal Protection
  • Search & Rescue
  • Emotional Therapy

While they will need to be socialized and trained consistently, they will not typically require a whole lot of effort. Some skill will be needed in order to establish an Alpha role as its owner. However, with enough practice and study, even novice dog owners can learn how to handle this type of protection dog.

A dog with a type C drive will not exactly be trusting of visitors, but are very unlikely to bite unless provoked or told to (in conjunction with their training.) They may even warm up to a few people who come over if they judge them to be safe. Introducing the dog to the visitor in a friendly and calm manner can help smooth over any ice.

Current Training

Jinx is extremely agile and smart. Because of this, I've had to work with her closely to ensure she doesn't get herself injured as she can clear a 5' fence from a sitting position with ease.

I will also add that she is quiet and reserved, yet very loving and adventurous. 

Extraordinary Instincts

Jinx runs freely with my adult Dobermans on our walks through the farm to care for the chickens and cows. She does not tend to wander.

Furthermore, Jinx exhibits a keen sense of what is expected of her. She is very loving and just wants to be where she belongs, with people! As a result, I sincerely feel that she's going to make an excellent companion for someone someday. 

Current Training

  • Crate Trained - will go into the kennel on her own. Sleeps through the night.
  • Potty Trained - I recommend that you keep a close eye on her until you can ensure she doesn't have any accidents as she is still young.
  • Baths: wants out, but is quite calm.
  • Working on: Sit, Lie Down, Come, and Leash Training.
  • Has not been allowed on the coach.
  • Very loving with children.
  • Has been exposed to cats and has not shown any aggression towards them (see video.)

In the IG reel below, you can see Jinx getting a bath from my son.

The Parents of: Jinx

Tackleberry Solution's Protection Canine: Patricia

This is Patricia. She has a super loving nature and mama-bear mentality. She is very submissive and cuddly to her family. The amount of love that she has for her "pack" also makes her VERY eager to protect it. Patricia has earned the nickname "Gator" because of her tendency to twist in a death roll while bite training. You can view her page here.


Tackleberry Solution's Protection Canine: Zeus

Zeus is a 100% European purebred Doberman Pinscher. He is very loving and enjoys playing. While Zeus is protective of his family, he is also very friendly to visitors and does very well with children. Click here to view his personal page.

More Pictures of Jinx


Jinx's Siblings

Registered Doberman Pinschers


Registered Doberman Pinschers


Registered Doberman Pinschers


Registered Doberman Pinschers


Registered Doberman Pinschers


Registered Doberman Pinschers


Personal Protection Bite and Tracking Tackleberry Dobermans

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