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5 Ways A Protection Dog Will Top A Guard Dog Every Time

By amy arthur

September 23, 2022

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You're looking to protect your home and your family? So you're searching for a great guard dog? Wrong! What you need is a personal protection dog.


Hello, my name is Amy Arthur. I breed, train, and sell, purebred Doberman Pinscher puppies for service or protection work and as excellent quality family pets. Our dogs are personality tested and certified under Tackleberry Solutions and recommended for specific tasks depending upon their individual score results.

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A Protection Dog's Perspective

First, Guard dogs think of everything around it as property that it owns. As a result, they aren't protecting their pack out of a sense of love, but duty and dominance.

Conversely, a protection dog sees everything around it as a space where its pack (you and your family) resides. As a result, it will protect out of love and duty combined. 


The Obedience Factor

2nd, because guard dogs see everything around it from an ownership perspective, they aren't as worried about pleasing their handler when it comes time to train. Consequently, they are less inclined to listen and obey.

On the other hand, personal protection dogs live and breathe to make their family happy. As a result, they're eager to train and quicker to obey.

Level of Intelligence 

3rd, it takes a higher intelligence for a protection dog to be able to comprehend the subtle differences with every scenario.


For example, when to bark, bark and growl, or bite. This is especially important for times when their owner may not have a chance to react to a dangerous event.

To expound, a dog's instincts and reflexes are faster than ours. A personal protection dog is more likely to pick up on a dangerous circumstance.

For example, having a conversation with a stranger who unexpectedly tries to stab you with a knife.

Most people don't realize how quickly bad things can happen. A protection dog with the right training can pick up on the threat and react appropriately before its owner even has a chance to open their mouth.


4th, since guard dogs are not as dependent upon your love and approval, they are not as vigilant about their surroundings. They protect more out of pride than they do loyalty.

On the other hand, a protection dog acts very much like a mother bear and they are very actively concerned with their family's safety.



Lastly, the passion to protect that a personal protection dog displays is on an entirely different level because of their vast love for their pack and their family. As a result, they're more likely to risk their lives and defend to the death if they have to.

Some Final Thoughts On Personal Protection Dogs

While a guard dog is an excellent option if you're worried about your property. Protection dogs are built specifically to not only protect your property, but you and your family as well. 

The Only Breed in the World

With all of this in mind, there is only one breed in the entire world that was specifically designed with the idea of protecting people and not property and that is the Doberman Pinscher.

In conjunction with that, it has been my personal experience that one of the major factors which makes the Doberman such an excellent protection dog, isn't just their high level of intelligence, but their exceeding love for their family. 

Personality Plays a Factor

I'll be the first to acknowledge that not every Doberman is fit to play the part of a personal protection canine. While every breed varies in their skill and ability, their personality plays a big factor as well.

To expound, a Doberman that is generally fearful would not function well with protection training. There is an element of confidence that any canine must posses before they're capable of handling the ability to properly protect. Which is why all of our dogs at Tackleberry Solutions are personality tested before they can qualify for training with us as a personal protection canine.

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