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July 11, 2020

 Minute Read

 Minute Read

Clandestine Operations: Seeing Antifa/BLM for What They Are

Antifa/BLM: they don't know what they are doing tactically and are really just a bunch of punks. Why should they scare you?

Two words Clandestine Operations


So many people are asking themselves, "What has America come to?" When they see gangs like Antifa and BLM rampaging and destroying property in the name of "peace." These clowns are a complete joke and they're literally getting away with murder right now. If they were to ever face anyone who knew what they were doing, they'd be mowed over like a bull in a china shop.

Why Antifa/BLM is a SERIOUS Threat

In a previous article (6 Brutal Steps to Taking Over), I warned everyone of a dangerous way people can overthrow a government.

In that article, I talked about utelizing gangs as mercenaries to come in and wreak havoc. You'd pay them with their pillage and encourage them to do a complete take over. CHAZ anyone?


Clandestine Operations

To clarify, this means that a government, agency or individual is working behind the curtain to obtain information or conduct missions unnoticed. These people don't want anyone ever finding out who actually is pulling the strings. Or in some cases, that certain events ever took place. As a result, they will have many pieces scattered all over and lots of forks in the road. It'll be nearly impossible to backtrack all the way up to them. 

In most instances, the majority of the people that are working for them, don't even know who they are really working for (or what the true objective really is.) Which is likely the case for these Antifa/BLM cats. 

The Dirty Work

Subsequently, you don't want your gangs/mercenaries who are doing the dirty work to actually know what they are doing tactically. This way, it is easier for your guys to come in and "save the day" by destorying the bad guys and implementing a "safer" law.

Do you seriously think these Antifa jokes would last more than 2 seconds against a trained militaristic force?

Saving America

How do we save America and stop this government take-over, or rather, the end of America?

First, you MUST consider your timing. A lot of people are still in that bubble. They don't see the danger. Unfortunately, uniting a people when they don't feel their very survival is at risk is nearly impossible. (See this article for more info.)


Things are going to have to get worse (cyber attack on the grid?) before people start working together. Likewise, I can't stress enough the importance of doing so. The lone wolf mentality is a fatal one! 

You can't stay awake forever. You've got to take a crap sometime. You'll run out of supplies eventually. And you can't hide from your problems!


What Should You Do?

Prepare for war. Pray for peace... but mostly prepare for war because it IS coming. Things have escalated so far now that there is no stopping it.

Get your crap together and educate yourself. Learn how to fight a larger force by yourself. During a crises, people will naturally flock to those who they think has the best chance of keeping them alive. They will see what you are doing and either fight you (in which case you kick their but too) or join you. (Refer to this article on how to unite without getting screwed over.)

In the meantime, I've created a checklist for you to download. 

No email required!

These are things that you'll need to get in order to make the explosives you'll need, treat trauma wounds and communicate without cell phones. Just click the button below for the FREE pdf. No strings attached.

God speed and good luck!

Do you see something worse than Antifa coming?

Comment below and share your thoughts.

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