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October 7, 2019

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President Trump prepares for war in America

President Trump is preparing to defend himself against a coup and calls up the marine reserves for protection. Are you prepared for war in America?

A coup is "a sudden, violent, and illegal seizure of power from a government." This basically means that someone else comes in and forcibly takes power.

President Trump Prepares for War

President Trump has called in the Marine Reserves to prepare for a coup - "MARINES ORDERED TO ACTIVE DUTY ISO DEFENSE SUPPORT OF CIVIL AUTHORITIES" - marines.mil

Why haven't the major news media covered this? There have been a few silenced cries of warning. Have you heard their call to prepare for violence in America?

Goodbye America, Hello Tyranny

What were to happen when this coup strikes? Obviously you're going to have uprisings and riots. Mass chaos. Martial law anyone?

Now let's cut the power for a few weeks and see where we are when the lights come back on. Either way, you can say, "Goodbye." to American freedom. 

Civil Defense

The only way to stop this is to start small with civil defense. Unite your neighborhood, then your community. We need to work together. ONE man alone won't stop tyranny.


Prepare for War. Pray for Peace. 

The time to prepare for war is not when war strikes. It is now! At Tackleberry Solutions, I teach WARTIME tactics. I've literally taken the gloves off and provided everything you need to know about taking on a trained army with limited assets and resources.  Many of these tactics were not only taught in special forces, but were created by me through raw experience. You WILL NOT find this type of information anywhere else.

I suggest you start with my printed book, "Improvised Explosives." In it I teach you how to make your own frags, claymores, landmines and more using common household items. Not to mention a few tactical tips at the end on how to fight a force larger than your own.

There is no digital copy of this information. The only way to get it, is to have it mailed directly to your door.

What do you think of President Trump? Comment below to share your thoughts.

  • I have been looking around on your site today and it was something like a coup plot that brought me here. It wasn’t my plot. I sort of stumbled upon it by mistake. I was on social media looking for a group about philosophy and accidentally clicked on the search result below the one I was intending to. Up came a group that scared the crap out of me. It was a group of about 800 members whose stated goals were to make our president the king and everybody who didn’t vote in his favor would be put into labor camps or executed. I didn’t vote for him. I voted for a third party candidate. Voting records are public here. I have voted for candidates from 4 different parties in the past. I go with whoever I think has the best solutions for our problems. I am just a farmer though, I don’t really know how to fight. I do hunt. But I don’t think I can fight a group of soldiers with a bow and a knife. What would you recommend I do just to prepare in case the coup happens?

    • Lord, I pray idiots like that never prevail. A King…have they forgot where we came from? Anyways, I too didn’t vote for him. However, he’s done a good job so far. Better than I expected. However, there are a few things I’d like to cuss him out for. But enough politics, to your question. I too am a farmer and have just recently inherited my father’s hog operation. I grew up working hogs, chickens, cattle, and horses. Being a farmer puts you at an advantage. You hold the greatest card in the deck. You have the one thing that no one can live without, food. So what I’m going to tell you is a combination of things. This is basically what I have done to protect me and my family, (Some of this may not be possible with your particular set up, as the terrain will dictate and the number of people you have to work with.)

      #1. Make sure you have a fall back/bug out plan. Establish several living quarters on and off your property. This doesn’t need to be cozy, just needs to work. Even something a simple as an old grain bin turned on its side will shelter you from the weather and give you an ability to have a fire (out of the rain) to cook and keep you warm with. Be sure you make around 5 or so, but the more the better. Also 1 or 2 of these need to be off your property and within a day’s walking distance. You need to be able to retreat and have somewhere to go to. Be sure that these locations are off-grid as you can be found just by following the power lines or looking for hot spots on an infrared system. Thus you will need to wash down a hand pump well at each site or have some other form of a water source. Store caches of food, medical supplies, barter items (22lr works great for this), and ammo near but not in your shelter. This way if you have to run and can’t take anything with you, you still have somewhere to go and something to eat. Freeze-dried food works well here. If you need help setting this up or want any designs for a freeze-proof hand pump well system just call me and I’ll walk you through what I know works. 919-223-7741. It also wouldn’t hurt to have a good quality rifle cached somewhere else. Think of something like a bolt action 30-06. This can be used to hunt with, but can also work as a sniper rifle (The 1903 A3 was the very first “official” military sniper rifle). This may be just what you need to reclaim your property. Your bow and knife can be equally as lethal (if used properly) as they are silent killers. Our CQC manuals teach you how to fight with a knife. https://tackleberrysolutions.com/how-to-lead-a-qrf

      Just remember, no one knows your farm the way you do. Ok, now that you’ve got your bug out plan set, let’s move on to your QRF (Quick Reaction Force).

      # 2. It doesn’t matter how far or close your neighbors are, if you know that you can work with them then do it. For example, I have neighbors that I wouldn’t walk into combat or raid a house with, but if my place or their place comes under attack, then we have agreed to help each other out. We have gotten small radios so that we can communicate with each other (should cell phones not be an option), and established a common network with repeaters and everything. Our Commo manual was written by a good friend of mine, he’s the guy that helped design the military’s encryption system for their radios. The following is a link to his manual, it is free to download. (P.S. If you bought the QRF series it would include a hard copy of this manual.)


      The following is a link to the radios we are using.

      BaoFeng GT-3TP Mark-III Tri-Power 8/4/1W Two-Way Radio Transceiver with 7.4V 3800mAh Battery, Dual Band 136-174/400-520 MHz True High Power, Upgraded Chip, High Gain Antenna, Car Charger
      by Radioddity
      Learn more: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B014J5RJ7I/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_YjJmEbA0V5ZGG

      With the repeater, I have guys lined up within a 10-mile range. We have all agreed that if one of us comes under attack that the others will come. We have even gone as far as to predetermine what direction we will come from and where we will fight from on their property so that we can best form the L shape and gain fire superiority without accidentally shooting each other. (I’m sorry I know that’s all Greek to you. These are things I teach both in-person and in the Infantry Tactics manual we sell. You can get them here: https://tackleberrysolutions.com/how-to-lead-a-qrf)

      Now, this is where you will see that you’re holding the Ace. If you’re like me, then your farm will have a storage of fuel on hand. Usually around 100 gallons or more. I have both gasoline for my hog truck and diesel for my tractors. I also have generators to run the hog houses/chicken houses during hurricanes. While I’m running them to power the feed lines and water system for the animals, I have agreed to let my neighbors fill up their water storage tanks from my well, (We all found those cube 275-gallon storage tanks inside the metal rack thing at a local goodwill place. Got 6 for $50 buck each. Had BBQ flavoring in them and one with Crisco oil. So we just rinsed them out and strapped them on trailers.) Then can also get a few gallons of fuel to help with their generators and QRF vehicles, and charge their radio batteries. (Don’t run generators consistently after the first week, and never at night. The sound will tell everyone you have fuel and electricity.) I also have agreed to let them hunt my land for game and intend on killing a few of the livestock to feed them and my own family with. I also have plenty of fertilizer as we have both hogs and chickens. In return, these families have agreed to take turns guarding my property, weeding/harvesting my garden, tending my animals, and whatever other farm labors that will be needed. The women and children will assist me with farm labor while the men will stand guard day and night. I have shown them that without my farm everyone will starve to death. However, if they will help me secure it, we stand a better chance of keeping the farm and surviving. See in your position your “The Heart” and thus the most important man to keep alive and happy. Things aren’t looking so bad now, are they? Ok, now to more directly answer your question.

      #3 This is where our Close Quarter Combat, Medical Trauma Care, and Improvised Explosive manuals come into play. *Reminder – These are wartime tactics – Yes, explosives are illegal* You will rig up your livestock barns, your house, and anything else you want to keep with booby traps and explosive charges like the Claymore #2, Claymore #1, and/or landmines. These will enable you to better defend your home and livestock from all-out attacks and thieves in the night. While the enemy is shooting your house full of holes or trying to kick in your door, you can just sit back and flip switches and listen to the screams. (If you have ever fixed a water line then you can easily do this.) I also recommend that you NOT sleep where they would expect you to be. For an example, I will not be sleeping in my house, I have made other living quarters in a neighboring barn that will give me overwatch ability (That means I can easily see my house from and deliver precision fire onto attacking enemies from that location(s).) Just like Francis Marion, I do not intend on sleeping in the same location every night. (Just Google the Swamp Fox.) This will enable me to have a choice. I can either:

      A. Attack the enemy from a flanking position that they will not expect me from and hold off the enemy until my QRF arrives. Or
      B. Run like hell while they are distracted by hitting all my claymores/landmines and they are trying foolishly to attack my house. Either way, working with Piro is a freaking game changer. I also wrote another Book that condenses a lot of this into how to defend your house from an attack by a militaristic force. It was written for guys living in a “Red Flag” state. Here is the link for the free download:


      There is also a how-to-use landmines article.


      Either way, you will also want the Improvised Explosive manual to be able to fully understand how to build and use these devices. This is your dirty little secret that no one but you and your’s knows about. When the bad guys come a-knocking you’re going to literally blow them away. Even a trained SWAT team is not trained to defend against something like this. So as you can see, this is doable and you’re in a much better spot than others. You don’t need thousands of dollars in sweet ass “Operator” gear or even a bitchin $5,000 rifle. You just need to use that amazing farmer brain of yours and get set up properly. I hope this info helps. If there is anything else I can help you with, please don’t hesitate to email me or call me on my cell. 919-223-7741.

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